• Mattress Sewing Machine

    Zhonglian mattress sewing machine covers a full range of mattress machines, like mattress tape edge machine, flanging machine, mattress border machine, etc…All these mattress sewing machines make Zhonglian becoming one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of mattress machinery in the world. Zhonglian is committed to providing our customers with high-quality, highly automated mattress professional sewing machinery. We also provide customize services for mattress manufacturers, to help our customers turn their new mattress design into a final product, and help our customers produce fashionable and luxurious mattresses.

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  • Mattress Packaging Machine

    The mattress packing machine runs independently or works with automatic mattress conveyor production lines to improve productivity. Zhonglian's mattress packing machine for sale has a concise exterior design with a compact process. The mattress packaging machine has intelligent PLC control that the mattress is automatically inducted. The mattress packing machine is mainly used for compressing and packing foam and spring mattresses. Therefore, it saves transportation costs and storage space. The mattress packaging machine is suitable for different mattress sizes and it can work synchronously with the mattress conveyor system.

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  • Mattress Conveyor

    A mattress conveyor is a fast and efficient mechanical handling equipment used to automatically transport mattresses within an area. The mattress conveyor minimizes human error, lowers workplace risks, reduces labor costs, and other benefits. They are useful in helping to move bulky or heavy mattresses from one point to another. Mattress conveyors are designed to run smoothly, improve work efficiency, and reduce labor and production costs. Mattress conveyors adopt stable and higher movement speed. It is highly productive for manufacturers. In addition, the transmission mechanical parts of the mattress conveyor have low load and low impact. The mattress conveyors have compact structures, which are easy to manufacture and maintain.

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  • Mattress Quilting Machine

    A quilting machine is a computer-controlled quilting machine that has special features and functions to make quilting easier. It is a textile machine used to sew linear patterns on mattresses, bedspreads, and quilts. The quilting speed is faster, and the stitches stitched out are smooth and beautiful. Zhonglian's quilting machines for sale are suitable for quilting mattresses, bedspreads, quilts, and other products. A wide variety of different mattress quilting machines is therefore very important to most mattress manufacturers. Various models of high-speed multi-needle chain stitch quilting machines, single-needle quilting machines, and double-needle quilting machines are specially designed for quilting mattress covers and mattress borders.  Zhonglian series of mattress quilting machines have a variety of models to meet different customer needs.

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