Small and Medium Project Case

The factory is mainly used to produce foam mattresses, with a daily output of 300-500 sheets. It is equipped with an 88-meter mattress production line, four edge machines and a roller glue spraying machine. The line adopts a paper clip double-layer structure. The mattress is being completed. After spraying the glue buckle cloth, it is distributed to five edger machines through the assembly line. After the edger is completed, according to the process, enter the packing machine to pack or return to make the comfortable layer of the three-side mattress, then carry out the edge, and finally enter the packer Packing, this structure has the characteristics of compactness, small footprint, and simultaneous production of two-sided and three-sided mattresses, and is suitable for small and medium-sized factories with two-sided and three-sided mattress production requirements.




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