• Mattress Sewing Machine

    Zhonglian mattress sewing machine covers a full range of mattress machines, like mattress tape edge machine, flanging machine, mattress border machine, etc…All these mattress sewing machines make Zhonglian becoming one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of mattress machinery in the world. Zhonglian is committed to providing our customers with high-quality, highly automated mattress professional sewing machinery. We also provide customize services for mattress manufacturers, to help our customers turn their new mattress design into a final product, and help our customers produce fashionable and luxurious mattresses.
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  • Mattress Packaging Machine

    Our range of mattress packaging machines are efficient and reliable packaging solutions designed specifically for the mattress manufacturing industry. No matter your mattress type or the size of your production, our mattress packaging machines, such as mattress rolling packing machines or vacuum packing machines, can meet your needs. These machines are designed to increase packaging efficiency and ensure the integrity of mattresses during shipping and storage. In the field of mattress packaging, speed and efficiency are crucial. Our mattress packaging machines have high-speed packaging capabilities, enabling rapid and effective mattress packaging. We also use precision control technology to ensure that each mattress is tightly and uniformly packaged, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation. Furthermore, our mattress packaging machines are highly flexible and can be adapted to various mattress sizes and models to meet your diverse production requirements. Choosing our mattress packaging machines will provide significant advantages to your mattress manufacturing business. Our equipment not only enhances packaging efficiency but also reduces packaging costs. Additionally, our mattress packaging machines undergo rigorous quality control, ensuring exceptional long-term reliability and consistent high performance, ensuring your production line runs efficiently. If you are interested in our mattress packaging machines, please feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with detailed product information and professional consultation at any time!
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  • Mattress Conveyor

    Our mattress conveyor is designed to provide exceptional production efficiency and convenience to the mattress manufacturing industry. We offer a comprehensive range of automatic conveyor components, including efficient motorized belt conveyor, vertical mattress stacker, automatic lifting and corner turning section, QC table, etc., to meet different mattress manufacturing needs. Our automatic conveyor components are designed as highly adjustable systems, capable of accommodating mattresses of varying sizes and types. These systems feature precise control functions, including conveyor speed, direction, and pause times, ensuring that each mattress receives accurate handling throughout the production process. By reducing manual intervention and shortening production cycles, our mattress conveyor contributes to increased production efficiency. Manufactured with high-quality materials and sturdy construction, our mattress conveyor ensures durability and reliability. They can operate for extended periods in high-intensity production environments, minimizing maintenance costs. Whether you operate a small-scale mattress manufacturing facility or a large-scale production operation, our mattress conveyor is the ideal choice for providing you with exceptional mattress manufacturing solutions.
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  • Mattress Quilting Machine

    Mattress quilting machines use advanced high-precision technology to firmly quilt the layers of the mattress together. Zhonglian offers a comprehensive series of mattress quilting machines, including multi-needle quilting machines, single-needle quilting machines, long-arm quilting machines, lock-stitch quilting machines, chain-stitch quilting machines, and more. Each of these machines is specially designed to meet the diverse needs of mattress manufacturers, providing excellent quilting performance and reliability. Our mattress quilting machines are renowned for their exceptional speed and precision during the quilting process, ensuring consistent quilting quality on every mattress. In addition, our computerized quilting machines can be adapted to various mattress sizes and quilting patterns to meet various manufacturing requirements. The applications of mattress quilting machines are extensive and encompass all aspects of mattress manufacturing, ranging from standard mattresses to custom designs and various mattress types. Regardless of the scale of your mattress manufacturing business, our mattress quilting machines can meet your manufacturing needs, increase productivity, and ensure that every mattress meets high-quality standards. Explore our range of products and find out how you can take your mattress manufacturing to the next level!
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