Is Lubrication Necessary for Mattress Sewing Machines?

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Of course, a mattress sewing machine needs lubrication! There are two main types of lubricants used: metalworking or cutting fluid for cutting surfaces, and internal machinery lubricants.

Selecting the best option between the two is essential to extending the life and functionality of your mattress sewing machine. Choosing the incorrect lubricant can have catastrophic effects because it will not only shorten the mattress sewing machine’s lifespan but will also negatively impact the product’s quality.

Extreme heat and friction can quickly damage the machine, but these issues can be avoided by using the proper metalworking fluid. Lubrication helps the machine operate more smoothly, generating less heat and friction, and clearing away chips.

How to deal with problems caused by insufficient lubrication of mattress sewing machines?

Most mattress sewing machines become stuck in the area between the feed eccentric and the lift linkage. Check the feeding eccentric first. Remove the lifting rod’s shaft screw by loosening the nut. Remove the feeding joint from the feeding rod’s lower portion. Next, manually turn the handwheel back and forth.

The lower ends of the two connecting rods swing simultaneously with the handwheel rotation if the feeding and lifting tooth connecting rods are able to be rotated. It indicates that the feeding eccentric has become caught if the upper shaft rolls as the two connecting rods swing.

To ensure that the oil penetrates the eccentric wheel, add enough of it. Otherwise, you can apply some oil to a sponge and let it sit on the eccentric wheel for a few hours. Once the handwheel revolves once and the two connecting rods have rotated, turn the lower ends of each connecting rod in turn. Once the V-belt can drive the hand wheel, lubricate every rolling component of the mattress sewing machine.


How to lubricate a mattress sewing machine?

First, the operator carefully reviews the operating instructions of the mattress sewing machine to determine the parts that need lubrication. These components usually include bearings, gears, pins, etc. in mechanical motion systems.

Second, use lubricating oil in accordance with the grade that the mattress manufacturer suggests. Because different kinds of machinery and parts could need different grades of lubricating oil. In addition, the operator also needs to determine the amount of oil in the lubricating part as needed to prevent waste and oil leakage.

The operator needs to lubricate the mattress sewing machine regularly in accordance with the operating instructions to guarantee normal operation. Frequent lubrication can prolong the machine’s service life, help prevent wear and failure, and guarantee the equipment operates smoothly.

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