Mattress Automation with Tape Edge Machine

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A tape edge machine is a type of sewing machine used in the bedding industry to finish the top and bottom edges of a mattress. The machine is used to stitch the top and bottom panels of a mattress to the mattress edge, and to cover that raw edge with a protective tape or ribbon.

Some tape-edge machines are fully automated, capable of turning corners and flipping the mattress without involvement from the operator. The protective tape attached by a tape-edge machine, also known as tape-edge or binding tape, can be either knit or woven, and can come in a variety of patterns and colors.

Our modern tape edge machine is a high-quality equipment used to sew mattresses and various layers of sponges. The machine is controlled by a PLC and has servo motors that enable it to offer multiple speeds. Its precision guide rail, servo technology, and adjustable angle sewing head allow it to sew mattresses from 50mm to 700mm thick. With such an advanced machine, you can enjoy high-quality mattress edge sewing at a reasonable price.

Mattress Automation with Tape Edge Machine

There are best-seller automatic machines on our website. It has an integrated table and an automatic lifting arm when it turns a tape edge. This is the best tape edge machine on the market. It is also equipped with an automatic slowdown at the corner. If you’re a first-time user, a manual tape edge machine may be more suitable for your needs.

Mattress tape edge machines are ideal for finishing the overlock stitching between the mattress fabric and the wall cloth. Other applications include sofa cushions and sleeping bags. They are flexible, easy to use, and can be operated by a single user, increasing working efficiency. The machine has a level-adjusting device and a hand-controlled tilting sewing head. You can adjust the speed of the sewing head and the stitching quality to suit your needs.




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