Automatic Mattress Roll Pack Machine LK-RPM-QD


Zhonglian’s mattress roll pack machine for sale is professionally designed and manufactured with high-quality material. These machines eliminate the need for manual bagging and can handle mattress units with virtually any core. The mattress roll pack machine is mainly used for wrapping the packaging of sponge mattress (latex) or pocket spring mattress (no border) products. Save on shipping and inventory costs.


According to different requirements of customers, different sizes of outlets are designed to adapt to foam mattress coils of different densities and thicknesses. Customers can choose the inlet adjustable automatic mattress roll pack machine according to their needs. The inlet can be adjusted to facilitate the compression of the mattress.


MainTechnical Specifications

Capacit 2pcs / min (PE / PVC)

Feeding Thickness

Max. 400mm

(Need to be compressed before)

Feeding Width Max. 2000mm
Plastic Thickness 0.05~0.18mm
Plastic Roll Length Max. 2100mm
Plastic Roll Outer Dia Max. 350mm
Plastic Roll Inner Dia φ50 < x < 90mm
Finished Dia 250~450mm
Mattress Type Pocket spring (without border frame), Foam & Latex
Plastic Type PE / PVC film; Stretch fim
Total Power 12KVA
Power Supply 380V 3phase 50 / 60hz
Pressure 0.6-0.8mpa

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