Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine ZL-TE-5B


The automatic mattress tape edge machine uses PLC program control. When we sew the mattress, it can walk automatically during the sewing process. In addition, the automatic tape edge machine will automatically turn, automatically flip and increase the sewing speed. Not only that, the mechanical head of the mattress tape edge machine can be automatically raised and lowered at the corners, automatically decelerated, and automatically recovered at the corners of the sewn mattress.


The reinforced double gear drive of the automatic tape edge machine provides perfect strength and durability for the corner rotation system even for the heaviest mattresses. Thanks to the elongated height adjustment system, it provides perfect comfort for all mattresses from 5 cm to 52 cm.


The motorized belt and the synchronized mattress rotating arm make the operator stands stationary and brings easy cornering. Even the heaviest premium mattresses are flipped within seconds thanks to the heavy-duty flipping system of the automatic tape edge machine.


MainTechnical Specifications

Sewing Thickness 50mm-500mm
Limit Speed 2800RPM
Stitch Length 3mm-7mm
Machine Size (L * W * H) 4300 x 3000 x 900mm
Productivity 15-20 sheets / hour
Total Weight 1500KG
Total Power 3KVA
Rated Power 3Phase 380V 50 / 60Hz
Rated Air Pressure 0.6-1.0Mpa




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